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Expert Group responsible for Hoidokki

Hoidokki is a thesaurus published by the Finnish Foundation of Nursing Education (SHKS) at 2005. Hoidokki can be used to search and to index publications of nursing science.

The thesaurus is controlled and updated by the Expert Group nominated by the SHKS. The Expert Group decides about publishing of the new proposed terms, their descriptions and translations.

Members of the Expert Group are

  • Professor, PhD (Health Sci.) Kaija Saranto, Chairman

  • PhD (Health Sci.) Kristiina Junttila

  • Lic. Sc. (Health Sci.) Eila Pekkala

  • adjunct professor, PhD (Health Sci.) Marianne Tallberg

  • MHSc Ulla-Mari Kinnunen

Hoidokki is continuously developed to serve better its users. The Expert Group wishes to receive missing terms as proposals by this website.

With questions concerning the contents of Hoidokki please contact the Chairman of the Expert Group PhD Kaija Saranto, (kaija.saranto (at) With technical questions please contact MI Tietorakenteet Oy (info (at)

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